Return Of The Goats, Guys

Kutiman Makes Music Thru You(Tube)

Kutiman started mashing-up YouTube musicians almost accidentally. But the result changed the course of his life. Find out how he samples and layers the original music of YouTube (and keeps it from feeling like a gimmick) in the latest sideshow podcast:

Do You Take This Bane?

Apparently the filming of The Dark Knight Rises briefly abutted a wedding. Instead of derailing it, the cast and crew did their best to make it memorable for all parties involved. This kindness resulted in a wonderful photo. His name is Bane.

The Results Are Uncanny

Chris Jones made Ed, and Ed is still just a head, but what a head! Can’t wait to see how the rest of him turns out.

Thanks, Eric!

‘Tis The Season

Thanks, Slade.

Zack’s Back


Markville Video was the highlight of my childhood weekends. We’d go any time there wasn’t a good movie on TV and glory in the bounty. Sometimes my Old Man would try to convince us we had to see The Sting. Sometimes me and Nim would convince him we had to see Spaceballs.

It’s where I’d meet friends during summer holidays. It’s where I’d look at the calendar of upcoming releases to plan my life around. We definitely saw Pulp Fiction way before we were ready for it. A neighbor definitely caught me peeking through the cracks into the adult section.

I visited Scarborough last weekend and was so happy to see Markville still standing. It has withstood Blockbuster, Amazon, SARS, and Netflix. Markville Video really is a Superstore. Long live Markville.

This Is What It Sounds Like When Kangaroos Fight

How To Change A Bag Of Milk

Canadians get their milk from bags. This is how you change one. Call it a public service.

Happy Friday From Siblings

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